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Planning to take the SAT, GRE, MCAT, or CBE soon?

Did you know that testing accommodations are available to individuals who suffer from anxiety, ADHD and other psychological conditions? Accommodations for graduate school entrance and licensing exams is a common reason for obtaining a psychological evaluation.

Each examination has a specific set of criteria that are necessary to obtain an accommodation. The evaluation process is designed to determine 1) what factors prevent you from taking the test under typical conditions, and 2) what accommodations do you require so that you will not be unfairly penalized, all the while adhering to the guidelines required for the specific examination.

Accommodations often include the need for extended time, the use of a scribe or computer, or to have questions and answers read to the test taker. It's beneficial to have a documented history of learning difficulties, such as any type of school-based accommodation as it will help to include those documents (e.g., prior assessments or a copy of an individualized education plan) with your submission.

The following links are the most common entrance examinations and requirements for determination of disability:


State Bar of California -



It is important to remember there is no guarantee you will receive accommodation since the testing authority ultimately grant approval.

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