Psychological testing is a complex task that requires information to be collected from a variety of sources. The process involves time spent face-to-face, including a clinical interview, psychological testing and the gathering of historical data. Data from psychological tests must be analyzed in context, which requires the assembling of both current and historical information. The context of a person may include information about development, medical background, education, family, substance abuse, personal interests and relationships.

Psychological evaluations includes standardized tests, questionnaires and drawings. Once psychological tests have been administered, they must be scored and interpreted. These tasks require additional time above and beyond that which is spent in direct contact, and are necessary before any summary, letter, or report can be created. Psychological Assessments is a specialtie and may only be performed by individuals with the proper training and license.

What we do...

  • Diagnostic clarification for emotional and behavioral problems for treatment purposes.
  • Intellectual/academic giftedness, along with the educational and emotional implications thereof.
  • Learning disabilities and other learning challenges, along with accommodations/services to facilitate success.
  • Person-specific strengths and challenges associated with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorders (ADHD).
  • Processing speed disorders, nonverbal learning disorders, and other concerns that may be “invisible” to the casual observer.
  • The unique psychological, neurodevelopmental, learning, and emotional issues associated with Autism-spectrum disorders.
  • Complicated experiences of psychological trauma and its developmental impact.
  • Complex situations in which a person may be affected by multiple emotional and/or neurodevelopmental conditions, and for whom treatment has become difficult to plan.
  • Various developmental disabilities and the unique needs they create and assessments in which many of the preceding issues need to be considered.

What we don’t do:

There are some psychological assessment services we don’t provide, such as:

  • We do not provide Custody Evaluations or related assessments for family-court proceedings. For such needs, we strongly recommend you consult with psychologist who specializes in these evaluations.
  • We don’t provide specific forensic evaluations, such as determining legal competency in criminal or delinquency cases.

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